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Scorpion Protection services, llc

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Scorpion Protection Services

What is

Scorpion Protection Services, LLC?

Scorpion Protection Services are highly trained armed state agents are certified to deter and prevent unlawful activity

All elite agents are trained professionals, responsible for safeguarding people, property, and assets by using firearms and other defensive measures. Our primary role is to deter and respond to security threats, ensuring the safety and protection of the premises they are assigned to.

Scorpion Protection Services agents undergo specialized training to handle firearms safely and effectively.

They typically hold relevant licenses and certifications, ensuring they meet legal requirements to carry and use weapons.

Deterrence and Prevention:

The presence of armed state agent acts as a deterrent to potential criminals and unauthorized individuals.

They enforce security policies and procedures to prevent security breaches and maintain a secure environment.

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Patrol and Surveillance:

Scorpion Protection Services conduct regular patrols to monitor and inspect the premises.

We use surveillance equipment to identify potential security risks and suspicious activities.

Emergency Response:

In the event of a security breach or emergency situation, all state agents are trained to respond quickly and decisively.

They may coordinate with law enforcement and other emergency services to address the situation effectively

Access Control:

Armed State Agents control access points, verifying the identity of individuals entering the premises.

They may use metal detectors and other security screening methods to prevent the entry of prohibited items.

Quick and Effective Line of Communication:

Effective communication is crucial for our Armed State Agents. They should be able to communicate clearly with colleagues, clients, and, if necessary, law enforcement.

They may be responsible for providing information to the public and maintaining a visible presence to reassure individuals in the area.

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Documentation and Reporting:

When using Scorpion Protection Services we always document incidents, maintain logs, and generate reports detailing security-related activities.

Accurate record-keeping is essential for legal and investigative purposes.

Continued Training:

To stay current with industry standards and evolving security threats, armed state agents undergo regular training and skill updates.

This includes firearm proficiency, self-defense techniques, and knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.


Scorpion Protection Service Agents are expected to conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism.

They remain calm under pressure, demonstrate good judgment, and uphold ethical standards.

It's important to note that our agents operate within the framework of local laws and regulations, and their use of force is typically governed by strict guidelines to ensure public safety.

The decision to choose Scorpion Protection Services over unarmed guards depends on various factors, and it is often based on the specific security needs of a particular location or situation.

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Scorpion Protection Services

Building relationships with our customers and protecting them like family.

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Edwin Ruiz

CEO and Founder

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